Want to organize your contacts for the last time?

Contact Management
ETS web-based contact management application provides a single location where you can keep all of the contact information for your tenants and anyone else associated with the building.
Marquee Features
  • View Comprehensive Usery History
  • Add User Notes / Documents
  • Store & Manage All Contact Information
  • Multi-Property / Portfolio Capabilities
  • Opt In/Out + Subscriptions
  • Group Contacts by Property and Portfolio-wide
  • Contacts Can Update Info & Manage Preferences
  • 24 / 7 / 365 Web Access
  • Custom Field Capability
Best Uses
  • Emergency Contact Management
  • Day-to-Day Contact Management
  • Tenant / Vendor / Staff Contact Management
  • Initiative Groups (i.e. Sustainability, Preparedness)
  • Interest / Affinity Groups (i.e. Restaurants, Activities)
  • Increase Amenity Awareness/Use
Keeping track of everyone involved with building operations can be difficult. Not only do you have your own vendors and contacts to deal with, but there are often multiple contacts for each of your tenants: office managers, satellite contacts, security, and other staff that you'll need to contact from time to time. Our highly-customizable tenant management software is the perfect place to keep all of this information (including photos), and it's user-submissible so that you don't have to fill it all out yourself. Contact Electronic Tenant® Solutions today for a demo of our tenant operations and maintenance software.
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