Value Proposition

Advance a property owner's / operator's goals and initiatives

  • Sustainability / Green, Energy Usage, Preparedness, Health & Wellness, etc.

Maximize the value of established resources (owner, manager, 3rd party, ETS)

  • Create greater tenant awareness and utilization of resources: Energy Management, Work Order, Sustainability Coordinator, Concierge, Fitness Center, etc.

Reduce operating expenses

  • More Efficient Operations, Moderated Energy Use, Lower Liability Costs, Better Risk Management, Higher Retention

Cultivate a superior management / tenant experience

  • Better Communication, Heightened Responsiveness, Greater Tenant Satisfaction, Initiative Compliance, Heightened Positive Brand Awareness

Leverage Actionable Data

  • Provide predictive (not reactive) insight and actionable directives in all aspects of operations, maintenance, communications, energy use and risk management

Instantly prove the "Health" of a property

  • Timely Equipment Maintenance, Request Responsiveness, Risk Profile, Initiative Compliance, Tenant Satisfaction, Administrative Performance, Substantive Communications

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