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Electronic Tenant® Solutions' commercial property management applications and accompanying services are deployed by over half a billion square feet of preeminent commercial property.

Attraction. Satisfaction. Retention. ®

Electronic Tenant® Solutions provides industry-leading applications that propel building operations, communications, property risk management, and leasing success of CRE entities. Running a more efficient building and increasing communication across the board substantially increases tenant attraction, satisfaction, and retention.

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Our Team

Lisa Story

Director, Admin Operations

Lisa collaborates directly with leadership to deliver the required administrative support relating to business operations. She is responsible for planning, directing, coordinating, and supervising all administrative functions and activities across all departments and geographies. Lisa provides visibility into goals, progress and obstacles for key initiatives. She is effective in promoting teamwork and implementation of best practices across all departments. Lisa resides in Virginia with her husband and two kids.

"Electronic Tenant® Solutions offered us a multifaceted and comprehensive method of communication. Through the use of the Electronic Tenant Portal and ETS Communications Application, we were able to provide all of our property contacts with important updates in an efficient and effective manner."

Elisabeth Rose
Property Manager
Worth & Associates