Want to learn about energy savings opportunities at your property?

Energy Cost Reduction
Our application provides an immediate return on investment by delivering a 5 to 10% reduction in consumption thereby increasing Net Operating Income.

The app provides a customizable, at-a-glance view that can include initiative savings opportunities, budget tracking and Energy Star performance.

The app also provides a graphic view of actual consumption overlaid against a window of anticipated consumption based on normalized conditions such as historical use, weather conditions and performance of like buildings under the same circumstances.

In addition, the at a glance calendar view identifies multiple different cost savings and performance enhancement opportunities based on an algorithmic analysis.

There is also a Trends View that presents a monthly summary of historical energy use characteristics including optimal energy expense days, high energy expense days, optimized demand days, and peak demand days. Clicking on a particular day will provide additional details. This can reveal where engineering teams have the opportunity to improve operations for substantial energy savings through optimal operations that elongate equipment lifespan.

As with all ETS apps, and other web-based resources, energy management and administration is accessible through a tab in the ETS Maintenance Center. Beyond providing a consolidated and individually customized workflow environment, the immediate accessibility of corresponding apps' data is invaluable for cross-referencing consumption circumstances.

Critical Value
  • Increase NOI
  • Rapid ROI
  • Mitigate Consumption 5-10%
  • Reduce Costs
  • Low Risk
  • Easy Implementation
  • Increased Equipment Health and Lifespan
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