Want to organize your contacts for the last time?

Contact Management
ETS web-based contact management application provides a single location where you can keep all of the contact information for your tenants and anyone else associated with the building.
Marquee Features
  • Customized Property Access Point (NEW)
  • View Comprehensive Usery History
  • Add User Notes / Documents
  • Single Sign-On (NEW)
  • Merge Duplicate Accounts (NEW)
  • Store & Manage All Contact Information
  • Multi-Property / Portfolio Capabilities
  • Opt In/Out + Subscriptions
  • Self-Manage Permissions (NEW)
  • Group Contacts by Property and Portfolio-wide
  • Contacts Can Update Info & Manage Preferences
  • 24 / 7 / 365 Web Access
  • Custom Field Capability
Best Uses
  • Emergency Contact Management
  • Day-to-Day Contact Management
  • Tenant / Vendor / Staff Contact Management
  • Initiative Groups (i.e. Sustainability, Preparedness)
  • Interest / Affinity Groups (i.e. Restaurants, Activities)
  • Increase Amenity Awareness/Use
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